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Wholesale Baby Products

wholesale baby products

Buying supplies at wholesale can offset the expenses of raising your baby:

Consider buying recurrent products like
Diapers, Bottles, and other supplies
in bulk from wholesale companies...

So you've reached that milestone in your life where you are about to bring your own newborn into the world! This can be an exciting time for you and your partner. There are so many changes that will come about in your lives, and so much you will now need to plan ahead for. In this article we'll help provide you with a guide for tackling one of those very important changes.. your new budget!

We'll first look at some of the expenses your new baby will bring and later get to some of the wholesale baby products that might be able to help offset some of those costs. Initially you might be asking yourself how you will ever be able to afford the new crib, baby bottles, blankets, diapers, and all the other supplies on a weekly basis; not to mention you'd like your child to have plenty of toys to keep him/her occupied and learning! Well here is a simple way to approach planning for your new expenses:

The average child can cost parents an average of over $10,000-$11,000 per year up to the age of 18. The first year especially brings with it even higher costs considering many of the initial, one-time items you will need to get. A summary of these expenses might include:

Baby Furniture
- Baby crib & furniture set
- Rocking chair / glider
- Other bedroom accessories
Baby Food
- Baby formula
- Baby bottles
- Baby bibs
Baby Clothing
- Diapers
- Shirts and pants
- Baby pajamas
- Baby shoes
Baby Toys
- Toys and games
- Reading materials
- Baby gifts
Baby Accessories
- Stroller
- Blankets
- Car seat
- High chair
Other Expenses
- Child care / nanny
- Medical bills
- Other

When you start thinking about all the baby products you'll need, the costs can really seem to add up quick. To help you prepare, we've summarized some data from a 2006 report by the USDA (United State Department of Agriculture) about the expenses involved with raising a child. The full 33 page report is available Average Child Expense Report, but we have summarized the important numbers below:

Based on a husband-wife, two child family the costs below are estimated figures for the cost of raising the younger child:

Assuming Average Family Income of $44,500-$74,900 (before taxes):



& EDU.

Child Care itself can cost $5,000+ per year, or even much more if you plan on using a nanny. This is a big cost that can be reduced significanty if one of the two parents is able to stay at home and raise the child during their years before school.

Your best bet is to sit down and put a pencil to your current (pre-baby) income and expenses, and factoring your new estimates with these added expenses. Everyone's expenses will vary depending on income and specific circumstances, and the estimates provided above, courtesy of the USDA should be used only as a starting point to give you a rough estimate of many of the things you could face cost-wise.

To help offset some of the expenses, and if your budget enables you to, you should consider buying products like baby diapers, formula, bottles, and other supplies in bulk from wholesale suppliers. They usually offer discounts for buying more of the same product in a single purchase. For some of the larger, one time purchases, you might also be able to find discount cribs and bedroom sets by browsing your local paper's classifieds section. For recurrent items though, such as the food and diapers it can add up to quite a savings, if you can make those purchases from online wholesalers.


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