Wholesale Jewelry - Fashion Jewelry and Diamonds from Wholesale Suppliers!

Wholesale Jewelry - Buying Jewelry from a Wholesale Supplier

So you're looking to buy some jewelry for wholesale prices to supply your retail store or online website; But what should you look for in a supplier? This page is meant to be an overview of the different types of jewelry markets, and what to look for in a wholesale jewelry supplier.

Types of Wholesale Jewelry

Fashion Jewelry

wholesale fashion jewelry

If you are a street vendor or small shop owner, you may want to consider selling this in your store. Fashion Jewelry is also called "costume jewelry" and consists of the whole gamut of bracelets, necklaces, rings, and other pieces that are of lesser quality. Fashion jewelry is usually inexpensive and made from cheaper materials and synthetic gemstones. The word "fashion" is used to describe them, as they are often flashy and eye-catching. You won't find these knock-offs at your local jeweler though, which is more for the finer jewels and true keepsakes. However, it has been known to sell well in small shops year-round. Wholesale fashion jewelry is usually purchased in quantity since they are cheaper mass-produced.

Body Jewelry

wholesale body jewelry

Body Jewelry is simply jewelry worn on the body, usually where there has been a piercing made. This includes products such as nose and lip rings, navel rings, eyebrow rings, belly-button chains, and much more. Body jewelry really isn't that expensive and seems to find its audience through the younger customers who are looking for a way to dress up their body in an effort to express themselves. This market can be a great niche for any website or store that caters to a younger crowd. In retail, body jewelry is usually sold in novelty stores or at your local tattoo/piercing/body art store. There are online web sites that stick exclusively to selling body jewelry, but in retail it is often sold with other related body and novelty items. When you go to purchase wholesale body jewelry, it will likely be purchased in quantity as it is often mass-produced.

Fine Jewelry

fine jewelry ring

Jewelry that is made of rare precious metals and from rare and valuable gemstones are the pieces that fall under this category. Often great care and effort is placed on quality and precision as opposed to the fashion and body jewelry. Fine jewelry includes pieces such as earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets that are made of such materials as sterling silver, gold, or white gold. This kind of jewelry is usually very expensive, and is often marked up quite high from wholesale prices to the consumer. It is often purchased and worn as a symbol of either wealth, for decoration, or as a keepsake or memento with intrinsic meaning to the wearer. Often, it can be a combination of the three. Since they are considered rare and expensive, it is usually used as a gift to express love or commitment to a significant other. Diamond engagement rings are a great example of why someone might purchase this type of jewelry. In this market you are usually dealing on more of a piece by piece basis with your customers. If you are looking to purchase this kind of jewelry from wholesale suppliers, then you will likely be running a retail or online store that caters specifically to high-end jewelry. Because of the quality and price, you can often purchase this type of jewelry by the piece or in much smaller quantities.

Finding a Wholesale Jewelry Supplier

When purchasing your jewelry from wholesale sources online, make sure you take the time to first know your product, and second make sure you are purchasing from a legitimate, established wholesaler that has been in business for quite some time. Unfortunately there are a number of scams that take place in the wholesale jewelry industry, so be careful. The internet has made researching distributors much easier than it was in the past. To check the authenticity of a company and how long they have been in business, most U.S. states allow you to do an online corporation search. You can find these at each state's DOS (Department of State) web sites. Furthermore, do a google search to see what kind of reviews and testimonials the company has. You should also check the supplier's record at the Better Business Bureau at www.bbb.org to see if they have any outstanding or un-resolved issues.

  • First, understand and have a good working knowledge of jewelry in general and the different materials that go into making them so you don't get taken by unauthentic knock-offs.
  • Make sure the supplier is reliable. Ask them how long they have been in business. Do they have an official web site?
  • Call or Email the wholesale supplier you have chosen to see what their support is like. Do they respond promptly? Do they have a good understanding of the jewelry that they are selling, or are they really of no help?
  • Ask the wholesaler what their return policy is like; in the event of damaged necklaces or earrings. Some items may become damaged (ie: bent metal, chains) or the quality of the jewelry may be less than stated. This could include scratches, different chain types, or even lengths, sizes, and grades that turn out to be different than what was originally stated at the time of purchase.
  • Most suppliers will require your purchases to be in bulk, as this is how they are able to supply the jewelry for wholesale prices, so be prepared for the large up front cost this will entail.

When you've found a trustworthy wholesale jewelry supplier and know what your customers are looking for, you will be well on your way to successfully buying jewelry at wholesale and selling it for marked-up, retail prices. There are plenty of places offering wholesale jewelry online, so be prepared with these questions and start looking!


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