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Wholesale Shoes

Buying and Selling from Suppliers in the Wholesale Footwear Business

There are a variety of wholesale shoes that you may wish to buy from suppliers to resell, and there are a few important things you should consider before making that bulk purchase.

Types of Wholesale Shoes

Basic Footwear

wholesale shoes for sale

Who doesn't need a regular pair of tennis shoes? This category also includes name brand athletic footwear like soccer, baseball, and basketball shoes. Most regular shoes have a market year round, usually with an increase in demand in the late summer and early fall months before school starts. Demand for athletic shoes will usually vary according to when that sport is in season. Basketball shoes for instance, usually have an increase in demand in the winter months, whereas baseball shoes would be more in demand during the spring months.
Designer Shoes

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Designer footwear is one area where you will want to ensure you are getting the quality and brand that consumers are looking for rather than some knock-off. If you are not planning on going directly with the manufacturers, then you will likely find a supplier that is selling closeout, over-production, and possibly last season's styles. Make sure your customers will still want what you're going to stock up on in this department; the details and latest styles will matter greatly to these consumers.
Sandals & More

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Flip flops are a common item that obviously sells easily during the spring and summer months. If you have the ability to stock some inventory, you might be able to find some better deals on bulk cases of wholesale sandals right before, or during the winter season. There are also a number of other footwear items that you may want to consider selling, such as boots, wedding shoes, and high heels, among others. In all these instances, the same rules will apply. Make sure the footwear is authentic, and the supplier is trustworthy.

Finding a Wholesale Shoe Supplier

  • Before you order, know what sizes and styles you are getting. How difficult are those specific styles to sell? Know what you are getting, and how much demand there is. You don't want to end up with a bunch of low-demand items, or shoes in sizes that very few people will need.
  • Distance matters. The main reasons for this is that you can often save on shipping, and can develop a good working relationship if they are a smaller, local company that you can meet with on a regular basis. Conversely, you may find it difficult to find the more popular brands, or the quantities you are looking for in a small, local wholesaler.
  • Where does the wholesaler get their shoes from? Make sure what they have to offer is the authentic name brand shoes if you are sticking with the more popular items. One way to ensure authenticity of the product is to ask who their supplier/manufacturer is and to confirm this with that manufacturer directly.
  • Always be sure to check online reviews and verify the legitimacy of the wholesale shoe supplier before you buy from them!
  • Be prepared to order in bulk, this involves a huge upfront expense, so know your product!

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